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Enabling The Next Generation of Autonomous Robotics

Cloud-Based Robotics Simulation and Analytics

What is Robotics Simulation?

The autonomous robotics industry is moving towards systems with increasingly complex tasks and behaviors, which require robots to accurately sense and react to their environments.


Advanced systems require simulation testing, which involves creating virtual environments that mimic the real-world and simulate how the robot would perform in those environments. This allows researchers to develop, test, and verify solutions virtually before deploying them to real-world hardware.


Our Solution

The SWARM Simulation Platform allows roboticists of all skill levels to easily run simulations on the cloud through our web-based portal. Users can test robotics behavior and control algorithms against different virtual environments and capture useful data.

We achieve this by automating the software development process required to stand up a flexible, cloud-based robotics simulation platform and provide integration between different robotics hardware types to achieve new and unique solutions.


About Us

Codex Laboratories LLC envisions a future where autonomous agents perform complex tasks without human supervision, automating routine tasks and providing assistance to human operators at every turn. In the future, autonomous systems not only operate without human supervision but also interact with their environments. These systems are applied in multiple domains, including space, land, ocean, and subterranean for many different customers. Codex Laboratories 2030 vision is to be the premiere provider of autonomous hardware and software for the burgeoning space economy, scientific exploration, mining, and defense.




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