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Our Team

Enabling Next Generation Autonomous Robots

Codex Laboratories LLC envisions a future where autonomous agents perform complex tasks without human supervision, automating routine tasks and providing assistance to human operators at every turn. In the future, autonomous systems not only operate without human supervision but also interact with their environments. These systems are applied in multiple domains, including space, land, ocean, and subterranean for many different customers. Codex Laboratories 2030 vision is to be the premiere provider of autonomous hardware and software for the burgeoning space economy, scientific exploration, mining, and defense.

Meet The Team


Alex Zhang

  • LinkedIn

Experience in Financial Analysis, Program Management, robotics, and drone development.


Tyler Fedrizzi

  • LinkedIn

CEO/Chief Systems Engineer
Experience in robotics, data analytics, military operations and machine learning.


Dakota Do

  • LinkedIn

Head of Engineering (UAVs)
Experience in design, fabrication and deployment of experimental UAV systems.


Cole Kniffen

  • LinkedIn

Machine Learning Engineer

Experience in web/software development, data analysis, distributed controls, and various drone-related technologies.


 Saketh Nibhanupudi

  • LinkedIn

Machine Learning Engineer


Professor Shreyas Sundaram, PhD

  • LinkedIn

Technical Advisor

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